Wednesday, March 21, 2007

FORGE - Dangerous Stories 2 Summit

As Mike Forst said - what an uncreative title - Dangerous Stories 2 - couldn't they come up with an original name for the sequel.
Regardless of the name, it was a great weekend of networking with other missional church people and hearing their stories - hence Dangerous stories.
Brian McLaren and Wolfgang Simson were the international speakers and we had a host of home grown talent in Mike Frost, Alan Hirsch, and Daryl Gardner (NZ). There were a squillion workshops and electives for the 600 odd people to attend.
I was challenged by Wolfgang Simson's reports of massive church planting in Egypt, India, Myanmar and other parts of the developing world.
I was also interested to explore further the issues of hyperreality and the consumer culture we live in and how the church has bought into this mindset.
Idea Ripple have DVD's, CD's and MP3's of the summit - well worth a look. I've ordered a complete set of MP3's for the Kingsley library - so for you Kingsley students you'll be able to borrow these when they arrive.

Mega Church Satire

I got sent a link from one of my mates - Steve W - to this clip from King of the Hill. It'd be even funnier if it wasn't so close to the truth.