Wednesday, November 29, 2006

FM Transmitter

When we bought our new Honda Odyssey (which we hope will last us 10 years)- it became Annette's Car and I was given the old workhorse - Holden VR Berlina. It's a great car, don't get me wrong - It was my parent's car originally and it has served us both well for over 10 years. But it only has a cassette/Radio and no CD player. So I was considering putting a new CD player into so I could enjoy my music while I do my 45 minute each way commute to work. However, I came across a more ingenious gadget to achieve the same purpose at a lower cost. It is an FM transmitter that plugs into the audio jack on my super duper PDA. I can play music direct from the PDA and it will transmit on a set FM frequency. I then tune the radio to that same frequency and hey presto - my music coming out of the car stereo. This is how I've been listening to Jars of Clay recently. Very cool!!

Redemption Songs

I've been listening to Jars of Clay: Redemption Songs over the past week or two and have really enjoyed coming back to this album after a year or so. It is a blend of old-time gospel songs - some sung with the Blind Boys from Alabama and a number of original tracks penned by the boys themselves.
My favourite tunes on the album are God Be Merciful to Me (Psalm 51), God Will Lift Up Your Head, I'll Fly Away and O Come and Mourn with Me a While.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

New Zealand

This is a picture of me, Jacob Powell, Robyn Small and Melissa Powell at the New Zealand Wesleyan Methodist Conference


Some time back I received a GPS (Global Positioning System) for my Phone. GPS uses signals from satellites to pinpoint your exact location. By connecting this signal to mapping software you can be given directions to any destination within the range of your maps. The mapping software I have is Co-Pilot and I have maps for the whole of Australia.
It sure beats having the street directory open on your lap while you're driving. Some other cool features are that it can tell you how fast you're going, your elevation above sea level, the direction you're heading and an approximate arrival time at your destination. You can set your destination to a street address, point of interest, landmark or a presaved destination.
It can also warn you of red light or fixed speed cameras or tell you how far to the next petrol station.

Why I Like Mimos

My whole family is involved together in our gathering times
We have been able to ask ourselves - what will our church look like if we are to be authentic followers of Jesus?
Our focus is on imitating Christ in every area of our life
We only meet twice a month as a whole church which gives each of us time to focus on our own immediate communities in the alternate weeks
We hear from each other every time we meet
Lots of people get to share from God's word
We eat together every time we meet
Our corporate worship is interactive and unpredictable
Mimos encourages involvement in community groups and recognises this as a valid form of worship
Our gatherings are informal and engaging
Mimos involves everyone according totheir gifts and passions
Our gatherings connect with our everyday relationship with God and are a culmination of our 24/7 worship as we live together as individuals, families and in our communities
There is an excitement with a new church
People are free to discover new and relevant ways of expressing their faith in God
We hold each other accountable for our faith journey

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Flight of the Conchords

While in New Zealand and staying with my mates Jacob and Melissa and Frank and Melva I was introduced to Flight of the Conchords. They are a New Zealand Musical Comedy Duo. Some very funny clips including the following: Frodo

Business Time (A take-off of Barry White)

Rhymenoceros vs Hiphopopotamus